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The Temple

Tian Teck Keng Temple (天德宫) is the only temple in Singapore who worships “ 3 Heads 6 Arms 3rd Prince Nezha” 三头六臂莲花三太子 as the main deity.

Tian Teck Keng is one of the oldest and most important Hokkien temple in Singapore. In 1922 , a congregation of businessmen in the Kampong , called the “Or Khio” ( namely Balestier / Whampoa /Kim Keat area ) , had a dream that they have to worship the 3rd Prince Nezha deity (三头六臂莲花三太子) in the Kampong.

The traditional practice was that 3rd Prince Nezha deity had since stayed there and was greatly worshipped by devotees in the Balestier/ Kim Keat/ Whampoa area for many years.

In the first 10years , 3rd Prince Nezha Statue was residing in the home of the yearly appointed “ kampong head” ( called the Lor Choo”. After which , Tian Teck Keng Temple was constructed along Balestier Road.

Soon after , several deities were being worshipped in the temple.
Namely , the Big 2 ah pek and Natoh Muthi Kong.

Devotees of Tian Teck Keng temple grew over the years as devotees’ prayers were answered and assisted. There are many devotees who patron the temple regularly. Thousands of devotees will visit the temple on 3rd Prince Nezha annual birthday event on the 4th Lunar Month 8th Day ( ?????) to give thanks.

We are thankful for those devotees who have supported Tian Teck Keng Temple through these years and assisted in giving 3rd Prince Nezha a perfect temple home at 95 Tampines Link now.

“A grateful heart is a beginning of greatness”

William Wee • CHAIRMAN

Our Team

 Chairman: William Wee

Vice-Chairman: Poon Cher Kwang

Treasurer: Kelvin Luke Er

Assistant Treasurer: Chai Poo Ming

Secretary: Seow Wee Lian, Jackson

Assistant Secretary: Ong Kian Seet

Internal Auditor: Wong Wai Meng

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